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Blue Canyon
Rs. 835

Money clip, leather/PU, metal clip, black/red

Cash 'n Carry The best place for your bank notes - moneyclip from the TROIKA DUO range made of leather/PU and metal. You can do without the pennies but not without the pounds. Anyone who wants to carry their capital on them safely and stylishly chooses this bank note holder. The combination of leather/PU and metal magically attracts notes.

• Measure: 70 * 32 * 10 mm

• Weight: 21 Gramm

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Hi Chris,We do not have a diffinitive list as our stock chgaens daily. If there is a specific bike or size you are looking for you can call the shop and we will let you know what we have. Otherwise just come on by and check out our super special deals over the weekend!