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Samba Vacuum Jug Quick Press 1 L Aubergin
Rs. 1699

This translucent 1L vacuum jug is the perfect way to keep drinks either hot or cold. The quick press lid allows for easy opening and is 100% leak-proof. Hot coffee, tea, soup, cold drinks or cocktails will keep their perfect temperature for an extra long time. Great for journeys in the car, picnics or simply atop your table.

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Water vapor does not take up more room than air. The air above the water, when heated, will eiethr gain volume or gain pressure. The air gains a slight amount of pressure and pushes the water the only place it can go, up the tube. This allows that air to stay at a lower pressure, but a higher volume. Also, for an eight cup siphon I believe one minute is too short a brewing time. I use: 2-3 cup 70 seconds, 5 cup