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Shoe Smellkiller, Set Of 2 For Men
Rs. 1350
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As far as your feet will carry you The Zielonka Shoe Smellkiller ensures shoes remain fresh and odorless. This innovative, wafer-thin Zielonka Smellkiller is simply placed in the shoe. A little adhesive tap ensures it remains secure. And it’s so easily removed as well. The specially alloyed Zielonka stainless steel neutralizes foot odors whilst they develop when you wear the shoe. And without using any chemicals or synthetic fragrances; it works simply in combination with air and moisture. Throw out all of those cans of chemicals sprays, creams etc. You and your children will never be embarrassed again to take off your shoes in public. The Zielonka Shoe Smellkiller – a great leap forward in the fight against foot odor! Time to get those walking shoes on!