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Smellkiller Classic
Rs. 1590
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The Classic among the Smellkillers. Use the “Classic” everywhere you need it to fight odors at their source. The mini miracle made out of high-grade Zielonka stainless steel that fights odors. Our team of Smellkiller products is headed by our Zielonka Classic Smellkiller. You just can’t beat the physical interaction of our specially alloyed stainless steel when it comes into contact with air and water to fight against unpleasant odors. We successfully managed to apply this knowledge through a specially patented manufacturing process. What’s the best thing about it: in contrast to conventional products, we just don’t blanket odors with just another synthetic odor. This specially alloyed Smellkiller neutralizes even the most offensive odors on your hands without using any chemicals. No dangerous and harmful substances are released into our environment. Who hasn’t experienced it? Garlic, onion, or fish odors on your hands... Even hours afterwards you can still smell it. Yet the solution is so simple. Rub the Zielonka Smellkiler between your hands under water. After approximately 20 seconds your hands will smell fresh and clean again. For particularly stubborn smells such as gas or engine oil, simply wash your hands with warm water for approximately 60 seconds. By the way – smelly feet or bad odors in your refrigerator are not a problem for the Smellkiller. The Zielonka Smellkiller is indestructible, works forever, and never gives up. Just try it! You’ll be amazed at this little dynamo.