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Trivit "Domino" Black
Rs. 815

Domino trivets are not only decorative, but are useful and safe for large bowls and pots that are placed on the counter top or the table. The soft silicone feet are heat-resistant up to 220-Degree celsius.Each trivet is good for pots with diameters up to 10-Inch. Should you have a very large pot you should use more than one trivet. These beautiful trivets can be fun by using different colors and placing them side by side. The silicone feet also put an end to shifting pots. Protect your work surfaces with this Black 6-1/4-Inch by 6-1/4-Inch Domino trivet.

Product Features

• Dishwasher safe

• Non skid

• Scratch resistant

• Timeless shape, function and quality

• Highest quality melamine and silicone

User reviews



I love these. Yes, they are a bit stiff compared to farbic potholders, but they are much sturdier and more useful. They offer complete protection regardless of the heat of a pan; they don't conduct heat when damp or wet as a farbic potholder does; they don't burn or stain; they can be quickly washed and immediately used again. They can be used as a temporary trivet to protect a countertop. And they have a bonus use